Thursday, January 27, 2011

is it weird...

That i'm 21!!!!!!?!?!?!

Those are just some pictures from my 21st birthday party.  We went to Dave and Busters with my family and some friends, then Karaoke!!  And if you know me, you know how much I love karaoke or just how I love music and I basically know every song ever written.  hahaha just kidding.  but really, Karaoke was sooo much fun!  It was just an awesome birthday!

It's weird though, to be 21.  It hasn't really sunk in yet..i'm sure it will though throughout the year!  All I really want to do is go to vegas! haha anyways I was thinking about it and although I don't feel that old, I  actually realized I've grown up soooo much these past three years of college.  I find myself being waaay more mature than I used to be. And not when it comes to joking or anything (because i still have a pretty immature sense of humor haha) but when it comes to serious stuff.  I've really learned to just get over things that may irritate me and just LET IT GO.  It feels really good to just be a big girl sometimes.  I also have seen myself grow in my dedication to school!  I think I owe that to the elem. ed program because I HAD to go to every single day otherwise I'd never hear the end of it.  But that seriously taught me a lot about dedication and being comitted to school.  I've been doing really good these past few semesters and its just so obvious to me to see the changes in myself from my freshman to junior year.  ANyways i'm just bored and felt like babbling on. I'll go now.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

growing by the days

soooo for those of you who haven't heard I have once again switcharooed my major to family resources and human development!  I know it sounds fancy, but basically i'm getting a degree in learning all about babies, humans, families, couples, and how these things develop and are intertwined.  let me just say that it is the PERFECT major for me!! Everything i loved from teaching is in this major, except when i graduate i won't have to be a teacher!  hahaha I should have known this was the perfect major because my sophomore year I took my first human development class and to this day it has been my favorite college class!  Anywho I have a lot of ideas of what i'd like to do after I graduate but I'm most likely going to grad school!  Currently I'm taking a class called Middle age and Aging...its really interesting!  we are learning all about the aging process. One of our assignments is to read the book Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
I'm so excited to read this book because I just saw the preview for the movie with Robert Pattinson and Reese Withersponn and it looks sooooooo good!  I think one of my favorite things to do is read a book right before the movie comes out!  I think its because you already know the book is going to be super good since they are making a movie out of it.  haha anywho I just ordered the book and I'll be sure to tell you how it is!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things...

im really mad at myself because one of my new years resolutions was to blog more! grrrrr....this is my first post of the new year!  I think my winter break was just so crazy because it was the first time in soooo long that all my friends were home!! i had waaaayyy to much fun..but now as im settling back into the rhythm of school and work (and zero friends hahah), i'm sure i'll have more free time.  This time is going to be dedicated to jewelry, blogging, and excercising.  Which btw were all on my new years to do list.  anywho i have been wanting to post pictures of my favorite items from christmas so here are a few pics.  OH and cherie if you are reading this, don't be mad because your necklace was definitely a top contender but it was at nates house when i took these pictures!!!

ok so polaroids are basically the coolest things ever created!  Maybe it's just because i'm the laziest person ever and i love the fact that I instantly get my picture with the click of a button and i don't have to develop the film or upload it onto a computer. But seriously polaroids=awesome!  Nate is pretty much the coolest boyfriend ever and decided to be even more awesome and go ahead and get me theeee greatest presents for christmas and my he got me the polaroid camera, wallet, and FREAKING SWEET journal and yummy candle, (along with a ton of other stuff that didn't make the photo cut lol) for christmas! Annnd for my burffday I got a nixon watch!! chee love that boy! oh and he also got me a facial, but i haven't gone to get it yet! Maybe i just won't get it and let him save his money for valentines day...HAHAHAHA 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Art & Flea

So since this blog is supposed to be a recollection of memories as I enter the wonderful world of jewelry making, i think it's only fitting I share with you, oh, just about the biggest thing to happen to me yet along this road.  Ladies and Gents, I did my first EVENT!!! YAAAHOOOO!  all i can say is that it was a whirlwind of emotions for me: nerves, excitement, scared, EXHILERATED, high as a kite, and pure bliss, just to name a few.  I've been making jewelry for a few months now, not exactly a while.  But, to me, jewelry making just came so naturally and it feels like something i've been doing forever.  I feel like putting pieces together is something that i'm really good at..( not to brag or anything, hahaha) but no, really, I've always loved creating things!  But i never thought i was exceptionally good at anything.  I mean i love to draw, paint, do ceramics, take pictures, all that jazz, but i'm not extremely good at any of those. i just enjoy them.  So for the first time, i feel like i've found my "forte", my calling, perhaps...hmmm... anywho back to my event.  I had been preparing tons of goodies for this day, and when the time came to set up my booth, I was soooo excited!  everything looked so cute, and i have never been so proud of myself!  It just felt great, accomplishing something i've wanted soooo badly!  And the response i got was SO great!  Tons of women were telling me how beautiful and affordable my stuff is.  People were asking me where they can find my stuff and what events i'll be at next!  It felt so good to hear someone, who i didn't know, tell me they loved my stuff.  For some reason it just makes it feel so real, that i'm really good at it, and my friends aren't just being nice lol.  Well anywho here are some pics of my jewelry show and some of the newer goodies that i sold there!  I sold all of my earrings and BFF friendship bracelets!! So i've been hard at work making new ones!

I have sooooo much new jewelry!  And i'm dying to take more photos!  I promise once finals are over i'll have a post of all my new stuff! OHH and pictures from Decembers Art & Flea that i'll be doing in a week!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

in a daze

ok so im basically a huge nerd...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE finding cute little quotes and creative pictures that inspire me...I'm one of those pansies that ball my eyes out in the lovey dovey corny scenes in movies, or at quotes, or moments in life.  Its weird I seriously think one of my passions in life is Love and everything about love.  It doesn't even have to do with me.  I could cry when I see other people (who I don't even know) laughing with a loved one or their baby.  It fills me up with happiness to see others so truly happy.  Maybe its because I'm a hopeless romantic that still believes in a little magic.  And i think everyone could use a little magic in their life.  Here are some cute little things i've found that make me smile
  One more thing I'd like to say can a 20 year old decide on what they should be doing for the rest of their life. No offense but the "me" right now is very different from the "me" i'll be when I'm 40.  I think its perfectly ok not to be sure of the Perfect career for me.  I have faith in myself that I will figure it out.  And along the way I'll learn so much more about myself

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

busy bee

So this past weekend was a very eventful and busy one!  I absolutely love having four day weekends every week.  BUT, I think this is negatively preparing me for a life of work...i love it so much that i just know it will be down right impossible for me to give up in 2 years....grrrrrr

anywho this past week i finally put up some of the lanterns I ordered and I put up so things I had in my old apartment..I'm still waiting for my jewelry organizer to come in, then I can put that up along with the picture magnet thing...I also have this Idea to make a big poster that says INSPIRE and I'm gonna but pictures, quotes, or whatever kinds of things inspire me on this...I think it'll help me stay on track to my goals of jewelry designing and just life goals as well!  Here's a pic of my newly decorated bed...
Also some exciting news! I sold my first 2 pieces of jewelry this week!  China bought a necklace for $30, then a few days later Emily bought a pair of earrings for $20...I was so stoked!  I made $50 on only 2 items!! And as I post pictures on facebook I've gotten a lot of fans of my jewelry...Lots of people have been asking me to purchase them and I'm getting very excited and motivated to make more!!  Here's a pic of my very first customer EVER with her one of a kind necklace made by MUAH!
Also I was feeling inspired so I made a new set of earrings which were difficult at first...took me a few hours...but I finally think I got it right...I don't settle for anything but perfect pieces in my eyes..

I bought some new supplies for soldering today and hopefully i can get the rest of my necessary tools on thursday, then I will be right to work this weekend on creating!! Go ME!

Monday, September 27, 2010


i am having a hard time settling on a name for my up and coming jewelry company...I do like Mermaid Treasures but im not sure if its THEEE one...i made a logo for my newest idea:

What are your thoughts??? At first i was thinking The Sea & I, but the sea and me sounded better and looked better...I'm still open to ideas so send them my way!  Also here are some pictures of my newest creations

Beachy Bangles!!

All the shells I've been collecting!

Look at those bad boys!! SOO rare to find!

I've realized how happy collecting shells and creating jewelry makes me...Its probably one of the best feelings I can describe.  Finding something that your so passionate about and you just plain love doing, its really just bliss!  I'll be at home making jewelry and before I know it 5 hours have passed by and its 11 at night and i worked right through dinner and didn't even notice...hahaha and i'm not exaggerating about any of that, i've done it a few times already!!